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Education Assistance for a Child of Haiti



1429 VICTORY HWY       GREENE, RI 02827

401-397-8644                     EIN#27-0764171

Donations for E.A.C.H. 

Rose has sent out a letter and Sponsorship Forms to renew our commitments to our children in Haiti, to help them get an education. The cost is still $175 to sponsor a child. Gifts in other amounts may be given to pay for snacks at school, teachers’ salaries, and school supplies.

Earlier this month, Rose packed a barrel (right) with food and sent it to

Pastor Paul to help hungry children and their families. With the war

in Ukraine causing the high price of fuel everywhere, the cost of food

in Haiti has skyrocketed because everything has to be shipped in or

flown in.  Rose and Herold funded this barrel themselves, but if we

could help, they would like to send another barrel in late May or June.  

Here’s what it takes: The barrel costs $45. Shipping is $150-160. We can find things on sale, such as Carolina or Uncle Ben rice, dry beans of any kind, 4C iced tea, peanut butter, crackers and snacks for the kids. We can begin to pick up items in bags of various sizes when we see sales or have coupons. Pastor Paul and his missionaries divide the food among families.  While it’s easier to send money, money can’t buy very much now. But we do need donations to pay for the barrel and the shipping and help buy food.  You can call Rose directly at (401)397-8644 or email her at


Rose M. Desilus – President

Joanne Newton – Vice President

Herold Desilus – Treasurer

Geraldine Denuccio – Secretary

Christine Paquin – Event Planner

Nicole Arvisais – Communication Liaison


$175 – Sponsorship

Any amount will help tremendously in these areas:


Teacher’s salary

School supplies


I’ve said this many times over the last year to all of you because it is true.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. WOW! last year was tough for our Haitian friends, but they fought for their lives and survived because we were there for them. We are going through the Coronavirus pandemic, so are they, but we have vaccinations readily available for those who want it. The Haitian people are not that fortunate. Only 5 percent of Haitians are vaccinated as of today. Haiti recently had another massive earthquake and one of our churches that is currently being used as a school was damaged. The Haitian president was assassinated, and the country is in a state of unrest. People are unable to go out freely, gang violence in the neighborhoods causes frequent disturbances. Throughout all of this, they still know the value of an education. Students can go to school, it may be frightening at times, but they are not being targeted. Once someone sees the school uniform on, no one bothers them. Each school in Haiti has its own patterns, and colors. The staff and students that attend the school all wear the same colors. No two schools are the same. As headmaster of a school, you must take your pattern and your colors to the board of education in Port-Au-Prince to get it verified and put on record. A piece of the material and drawing of what the uniform will look like have to be recorded. I asked myself, how can a country so upside down, without free education, be so demanding?

Believe it or not, I answered my own question…

Haiti must be, imagining all these schools without any controls. If a school is planning on making changes, the record on file must also change. As chaotic as things are in Haiti, I was surprised when I sat down with the headmaster of the Fontamara school years ago because she wanted to change their uniforms. Apparently, another school had similar colors to ours and she did not like that. She wanted my input, I asked her, do all the schools in Haiti go through this? Sure enough, yes.

We all heard the news, one bad thing after another, one catastrophe after another. That’s Haiti, if something could go wrong, it did. Haiti, being one of the poorest countries on this globe, nothing is going their way. Except for your love, your generosity, and your prayers.

Thank you for renewing your sponsorships and for the extra donations. With that, we were able to give Christmas bonuses to some of our teachers.

Our children are so blessed, your kindness helped feed many during the holidays. E.A.C.H. received donations for two families, but we had a couple of students in dire need. The principal was able to purchase enough groceries to give a little to the other two students.

We make sure we use your donations per your instructions, at the same time, trying to help as many people as possible.

The end of 2021 E.A.C.H. had a fundraiser at Goddard Park. Thank you for attending and for your contributions. We were able to fix the building at Chantal that was damaged from the earthquake in August and paint the school at Arcahaie. The students at the Feinstein School in Arcahaie painted the school instead of paying someone to do it. The money saved can now be utilized for something else in need. I was very pleased to see their contribution and efforts. They planted trees along the outside wall because the old trees are withering away. Within time, with care and love, they’ll start to grow and revitalize the land. So many things to do, but with your help, we are doing them one at a time, one building at a time. It is no small task. We met as a group and decided it would be best to have a theme for the fundraiser. “HUNDREDS FOR HAITI!!” was a tremendous hit. We reached our goal and kept going.

As I’ve said many times, God works in mysterious ways.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Love and blessing to all of you!! 

Rose Desilus, President


Print and use this sponsorship form for your donation.

Sponsorship Form for E.A.C.H.


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