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As we begin to share our thoughts on a new mission statement for Moosup Valley Church here are some thoughts from one member.  We will devote some our worship service Sunday, August 13th on thoughts for a new Mission Statement to meet new changes and become a Welcoming and Loving Church for all people.


In my opinion, the largest “world” obstacle facing Gods love for ALL is the overwhelming message that we are a divided community. Polarizing media, politics, even churches focus on our differences. We need unification. We need love. 

I think that’s the calling of Moosup Valley Church. In this chaotic time, we have already proven to be a unifying people. We already believe that God is love and that ALL are welcome here. Therefore, we have a unique opportunity to connect people of various differences: Come to Moosup Valley if you are in need of togetherness. If you have felt marginalized. If you are Bothered by any type of exclusivity. Because here, here, we just love. 

What is worship anyway?  Wherever two or more are gathered. We can gather for music, for fire, for hope, for dinner, for tea, for Bible study, for yoga, for service. Love is everywhere. And so should we be. Let us adopt a motto of spreading Gods love; As individuals and as a church. 




Read Alicia’s book about her journey with cancer.Rikki and Alicia

Finding God in the Calluses of My Husband’s Hand


The following are essays written by Alicia as she continues her journey of Life!

Libby’s word choice   4/20/17

It’s All Good            7/18/16

The Light House Keeper  

Trust the Universe

Buddhist Evangelism

Blessed is she who mourns


La Fantasm

Spring Forward

Because I could not stop for death

Effort and Surrender


In His Ultimate Wisdom


Written by Tony Dunbar


Scanned Document


5 Responses to Member Contributions

  1. Hi Pat- I can see the link to the book. Can we change the link name to be the title of the book? The I think I will advertise it on Facebook so people who want to read it will go through the church site… Thanks!!

  2. Ok- I shared the FB link to my school page (since most of those kids have read it already). I will see if that catches any glitches!

  3. sean lobdell says:

    I love you and am so proud of you! xo

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