From our Church Council


A Special thanks to Ron who cooked the bacon for the Old Homes Days.  The heat and humidity was brutal and he got the job done. Thank you, Ron.  Great Job!  The bacon was delicious.

 Also, we owe a big thanks Lee who picked up all the food items needed and coordinated the efforts in getting the food sliced, shredded and cut and along with getting the coolers, etc. to the Fairgrounds in time to set up.  Again, this was all through severe heat and humidity.  Thank you, Lee!     

Thank You to Bob who persevered with us in the heat for all of Saturday and most of Sunday . Your support and help in our booth and the gift of your time was so appreciated.

We also need to give a special thanks to Caitlin and Sean who worked so hard in the Church’s booth putting together our wonderful BLT Sandwiches and wraps. Great job to both of you.  Your efforts and enthusiasm is truly appreciated.  Sean, great job in the Worship Service skit too.

Without the above persons mentioned Old Home would not have happen for Moosup Valley Church.



Thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort and skills into our new walkways in the front of the church and to our beautiful garden.  Wow, it looks great!

Moosup Valley Church




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